Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Day

Have you ever thought about an idea or tried something new just for a change or to break a lot of daily habits that you have?
Call me strange
Call me crazy
Call me what ever you want to call me
Yesterday was one of my long working days so I decided that no matter what happen nothing going to ruin my day .so im going to remind my self it’s a happy day for me what ever happens I just think about good things I have . Well I went to work and it was a day full of excitement so many things bad and good.
Every time I start to get mad or upset I keep remind my self it’s a happy day
And you know what.
It worked just fine
No stress
No headache
I did not kill any one
I did not shout at any one
I did not pick on any one
It was just a normal working day
It really was a happy day for me
Try and see what gonna happen


  1. Sounds like a great idea! u should do it more often :)

    That yellow smiling face made me smile :p

  2. ra-1

    i will do that inshallah and really it was fun and so glad it made you smile

  3. I llike it
    happy day
    ok I will try to do it and tell sheno elli ra7 ey9er