Sunday, February 17, 2008

what a day

just a bad feeling all day long starting from early morning
waking up and the alarm is dead 
taking a shower ? boiler was  turned off
well what to do   take a cold shower 
trying to get my clothes all in dry cleaner for got to pick them up
trying to go to work? every one is parked behind my car 
trying my other car :( my stupid neighbor blocked my car
ok try to move all the cars 
any way
finally off to work
hmmmm no damn wallet 
i have to go back home to the damn thing 
ok go back home and get it 
already late to work and late for so many thing 
fights and complains all day at work 
sms from a friend informing me about 
a friend died with his family again 
i allready lost a dear friend 2 weeks back
with his wife and 2 of his kids :(
what a day and by the time im done!
with a lousy mood i do something really stupid . 
thinking not to upset someone?
as usuall with my bad luck i do
i decide to leave work and go home ? 
some one hits my car
khala9 bas its allready 2 pm still got along way
until this day is over
allah yaster


  1. rosaholic5:56 PM

    الكبر شين

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
    الله يكون بالعون شنو هذا الحظ !!! لا بيلر ولا هدوم مرتبه ....الخ
    صج يوم دايخ
    حظ اوفر ان شاء الله

  3. just remember
    happy day

  4. الله يساعدك
    هم السابقون و نحن اللاحقون
    الله يرحمهم

  5. الله يساعدك
    هم السابقون و نحن اللاحقون
    الله يرحمهم